There are some major game showcases and presentations to come, and some of them are pulling back the curtain in just a matter of hours. Those events will reveal new games for the latest platforms, but what if you’re a more retro-minded gamer? Well you’re in luck, as the Homebrew Games Summer Showcase is right up your alley.

The whole point of the Homebrew Games Summer Showcase is to spotlight brand-new games that are heading to decades-old platforms. While Nintendo may have long since supporting hardware like the SNES or GBA, dedicated retro enthusiasts are keeping the platforms alive with fresh experiences.

The 2024 Homebrew Games Summer Showcase featured a whopping 120 games from developers around the world, and the lion’s share of titles are heading to Nintendo’s legacy platforms. There are games in the works for the NES, SNES, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance and even the Virtual Boy! No matter what Nintendo retro flavor you enjoy, the 2024 HGSS has something for you.

You can check out the presentation above to get quick looks at all of these hot homebrew titles, or if you’d rather just get down to details, you can find a complete spreadsheet of every single game discussed here.

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