Less than 24 hours ago, Nintendo announced that the aquarium experience inspired by Animal Crossing: New Horizons, is set to expand into a nationwide tour. Over on the other side of the world, Nintendo has a completely different aquarium experience lined up.

Nintendo has announced a partnership with the Marine World aquarium in Fukuoka, Japan, and it’s set to run from June 14th to Sept. 23rd, 2024. Instead of Animal Crossing: New Horizons tie-ins, those visiting Marine World can look forward to all sorts of Splatoon 3 activities, merch, and more.

Marine World’s “Squidcredible Summer Festival” will feature displays for squids and octopi, as they obviously tie into Splatoon quite well. There will also be special exhibits for striped eel catfish as well. Those who visit the displays will get to see details on the real animals along with their in-game Splatoon 3 depictions. Equally exciting, the aquarium’s dolphin show is going to be accompanied by music from Splatoon 3.

Of course, this aquarium tie-in will also offer special Splatoon 3 merch, with the lineup as follows:

  • Acrylic keyholder: 770 JPY
  • Clear files: 330 JPY
  • Cookies: 864 JPY
  • Dolphin show t-shirt: 3850 JPY
  • Multiple purpose cloth: 770 JPY
  • Tote bag: 2200 JPY

If you’d like to see what these items look like, you can check out a complete gallery here. Last but not least, checking in with the checking with the My Nintendo app will net you a special sticker.

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