Tales of Kenzera: ZAU has been updated to Ver. 1.1.1. You can find the patch notes for this update below.

  • Fixed issue in which players could become stuck beneath the Ikakaramba lift. If this has already happened to you, walk away and then reapproach the lift.
  • Fixed issue in which movement interrupted by opening the map and other submenus would not continue after closing the map and submenus.
  • Fixed camera issue near the start of the Kikiyaon encounter.
  • Fixed issue in which rapidly closing the prompt that appears after death in a Spirit Ritual would make the trial unusable.
  • Fixed issue in which the player could become stuck under the floor when fast travelling.
  • Fixed issue in which players could perform Seize with no valid enemies nearby.
  • Fixed instances in which doors with pushable blocks pressed against them may fail to open.
  • Fixed issue with the Ikakaramba lift in which combat music wouldn’t stop correctly.
  • Fixed issue in which the door leading out of the mines in Highlands would remain locked.
  • Fixed issue in which players weren’t able to shoot diagonally using some controller setups.
  • Fixed issue in which Adze would continue certain attacks while frozen by Bamba’s Stone.
  • Fixed instances in which some drop-through platforms weren’t marked in the same way as - others.
  • Improvements made to Tshukudu’s Might input resolving issues in which it failed to activate if many inputs were registered in the same frame.
  • Improvements made to Tshukudu’s Might gates increasing leniency with the angle of approach for greater ease of use.
  • Improvements made to the lava chase for slightly greater leniency.
  • Improvements made to combat balancing.
  • Improvements made to wall jumping to better support the ability to change direction before fully making contact with the wall.
  • Improvements made to Kabili’s Wings controls for greater responsiveness and quicker activation. Additional amends made to speed changes between ascent and descent to increase ease of manoeuvrability. Leaving Kabili’s Wings in updraft volumes will not result in immediate freefall.
  • Fixed issue in which trials could still be considered incomplete after obtaining their corresponding trinket. For existing players, the issue should be fixed after reloading their most recent save file.

Hot fixes

  • Resolved issue in which player could get soft locked during the second Great Spirit chase sequence.
  • Resolved issue in which player could get soft locked behind door leading to the Highland mines.

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