Wargroove 2 has been updated to Ver. 1.2.7. You can find the patch notes for this update below.

Gameplay Changes:

Made Commander + Unit Balance Changes in 1.2.7


  • Emeric: Tier 2 now has slow charge time, increased from fast.
  • Wulfar: Tier 2 now has a medium charge time, increased from fast.
  • Valder: Tier 2 skeleton boost is 150% damage instead of 200% damage on all skeletons.


  • Trebuchet: Damage vs. structures reduce by 15%

Bug Fixes:

  • Addressed the game crash that occurred after suspending a multiplayer game
  • Resolved connection error that arose when a player exited the game by pressing the home button and then re-entering
  • Fixed pressing unused gamepad buttons leading to a soft-lock in multiplayer map selection
  • Fixed Cancel button stopped working after showing a validation error for user-generated maps
  • Fixed performance issue when walking around on a story map for some extended time
  • Fixed the game crash that followed leaving and re-entering the game using the Switch home button
  • Rectified multiplayer filter menu issues with biomes erasing themselves and time of day being erased
  • Resolved issues with Ancient warning lore being locked but lore title could be observed
  • Fixed issue where Airtroopers could land on each other
  • Fixed bug when killing an enemy harpy in a group kill with Nadia’s groove in the Rising Tide campaign Act 2 Mission 1: King’s Cove spawns a new riverboat on every enemy move
  • Addressed Russian localisation issues
  • Fixed instances where Conquest unlocks Achievement had a higher counter than number of actual unlocks
  • Fixed render error for units with item equipped overlapping the map border area
  • Fixed AI sometimes picking unit type it can’t afford with conversion school
  • Event Editor showed missing strings – this has been resolved
  • Resolved visual bugs with units equipped with items, especially if placed at the top of the map
  • Resolved missing symbol in the Ancient warning, codex
  • Conquest was taking 1 extra gold when buying units with Koji – this has been addressed
  • Fixed malfunction of Elodie tentacles in the turn after taking over the Kraken – Kraken now untangles itself on the player’s turn when they regain control
  • Revised the text description for marksman unit critical hit in languages other than English, which was showing as the WG1 description
  • Key Artist has been localized in all languages
  • Fixed shouts for Faahri and Pirate units, which were using the Floran variants in custom cutscene tools.
  • Rectified Pistil’s T2 groove spawning glowing orbs
  • Groove boost unlock now grants commanders the correct T1 groove
  • Custom difficulty tile now stays selected if this was the last chosen difficulty setting
  • Unlocking perks in conquest are now being saved properly
  • Dark Mercia Codex entries get unlocked after unlocking Dark Mecia with conquest shards
  • Elodie now receives the groove boost perk when a player plays a long intro – this issue also affected Vesper and has now been resolved
  • Resolved error that occurred when recruiting Air Trooper unit in A1M1 after closing the recruit menu
  • Fixed inconsistent UI hint system for 4th puzzle in S2M4
  • Bulrush objective is no longer marked as successful when Bulrush is attacked
  • Fixed incorrect unit order for a spectator when the last human player resigns from a 4-player match
  • Game crash during an interactive level while attempting to go back up the map has been addressed
  • Solved Pistil bolt issue when it split into 2 or more
  • Groove charges are now correct when using Groove Boost
  • Emeric’s T2 groove effect no longer persists after the crystal dies
  • Fixed issue where the close button in Mods tab was non-functional
  • The issue with mod list text being invisible when not highlighted has been fixed

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