Outer Wilds has received its Patch 4 update. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

Art & Visuals

  • Improved the visuals of tractor beams throughout the game
  • Fixed inconsistent Nomai child writing visuals on Giant’s Deep
  • A Nomai child’s toy is now officially sponsored.
  • Improved resolution of a certain easter egg
  • Fixed a misaligned island splash effect on Giant’s Deep
  • Timber Hearth’s atmosphere visuals now react correctly during a certain solar event
  • Fixed missing collision and improper scaling of floating Nomai lights
  • Small slide projectors now cast shadows
  • Giant’s Deep ocean no longer disappears when viewed through a projection pool
  • It’s me. No time to chat, SERN has found me. The drop at the flaming flower’s atelier is active. Yes, of course I switched it off! El ps–hey, they hung up on me!
  • Taking scout photos no longer causes textures to pop in and out in Echoes of the Eye
  • Trees no longer turn white when approaching Brittle Hollow
  • Reduced visibility of a hidden location in Echoes of the Eye
  • Improved transition into and out of projection pools
  • Improved the transition into a certain starless void
  • Improved the visuals during the ending sequence
  • Various lighting adjustments and fixes
  • Improved texture resolution of many assets
  • Various fixes to collisions
  • Various fixes for incorrect, misaligned or missing textures and materials
  • Various fixes for LODs so they match better with their high resolution versions and reducing noticeable LOD popping
  • Fixed various issues where you could see through the world
  • Fixes for various minor visual issues


  • Sudden death from above should occur less frequently while exploring the Hanging City.
  • The ship no longer falls through the ground if left behind on a planet
  • Fixed some instances where the player could get stuck in a slow walk
  • Flying outside the solar system long enough to trigger the associated achievement now correctly triggers a new Slate dialogue option
  • Equipping the signalscope at a certain campsite no longer chucks the player away at high velocity
  • A secret passage on Ember Twin is now harder to spot from a distance
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the music from many of the Travelers could not be heard


  • Reduced performance degradation over time
  • Improved loading speeds when traveling great distances instantly
  • Various memory optimizations to improve performance and stability

Text & Localization

  • Fixed some Japanese characters using the wrong glyph set in the Credits, causing certain characters to be incorrect
  • Fixed a certain Easter Egg so the code can be scanned by external tools
  • Updated the credits ​ UI

  • The ship HUD marker is no longer visible in scout photos
  • Various minor adjustments and fixes to UI in Normal and Large UI modes

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