Mens Sana Interactive, in collaboration with Rising Moon Games, is thrilled to announce the release of “Railway Islands 2” on the Nintendo Switch. This delightful sequel to the beloved railway puzzle game will be available today in the Americas, Europe, Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong.

“Railway Islands 2” invites players to build safe train routes for passengers and packages across cozy and vibrant islands. With a unique minimalist aesthetic and relaxing gameplay, this sequel enhances the original experience with new challenges and features.

Key Features of “Railway Islands 2”:

Engaging Puzzles: Navigate and manage railway lines across 40 distinct islands with unique challenges.

Dual Train Coordination: Strategically build routes and manage railway switches to prevent collisions.

Seasonal Environments: Enjoy beautifully crafted settings that change with each season.

Creative Freedom: Design your own islands and railways with the intuitive Level Editor.

Relaxing Experience: Soothing music and sound effects complement the tranquil gameplay.

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