Bikini Games has announced that Love Elysium: Secret of the Goddess will be available on the Nintendo Switch today. This anime visual novel promises a unique blend of romance, competition, and heartwarming moments that will keep players engaged.

Welcome to Love Elysium, an anime visual novel where the players will be put in the shoes of Sota. By sheer luck, he and his friend Yuina got the tickets to a luxurious hotel on a private island and a chance to become jurors of a beauty contest. What a summer vacation this will be!

But nothing is as simple as it seems – hard choices, serious conversations, and even private affairs will happen as players progress. It seems like there’s more at stake than just a title…

The competition will be fierce but that doesn’t mean there’s no time for romance! Players can spend time with the competitors – classy and mature Haru, sporty tomboy Tomoe, and free-spirited Aimi. Their competitive spirit will be raised by the host – artsy Emiko. Every single one will have a unique approach towards the players, and goals of her own that underline the stakes of the contest.

With five possible romances, numerous schemes, and face-to-face conversations – Love Elysium will make sure that matters of the heart are exciting and that love can blossom.

Players will have seven days to choose the winner. During that time they will visit the hotel’s hot springs, the vibrant gardens, and a sunny beach. For those occasions one has to dress appropriately – and the competitors know that well.

After this magical week the players will make a decision… will they follow their hearts?

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