Palworld was a hot-button topic back when it first launched. The indie adventure game drew both interest and ire from the Internet for it’s monster designs that bore more than a striking resemblance to pre-existing Pokémon. This spawned an extreme bout of online debating and speculation on if Nintendo and or the Pokémon Company would pursue legal action or if the game would even be welcome on Nintendo Switch. While we still have heard nothing on the former we do have an update on the latter from the CEO behind Palworld.

As discovered by VGC, a Game File interview with Pocketpair CEO Takuro Mizobe revealed that the game might not come to the Switch, not due to the technicalities of the law but technicalities of hardware. The quote in full is as follows:

“So maybe it’s hard to port to Switch just for technical reasons.” - Pocketpair CEO Takuro Mizobe

The game is currently only available on PC and XBOX so the specs would have to be pulled back significantly to run on Nintendo’s 2017 console. That said PocketPair does want to bring the game to additional platforms with rumors currently swirling about a PS5 version in the works. Given that the Nintendo Switch Successor is now confirmed to be coming, one has to wonder if Pocketpair and Nintendo will strike up talks to bring Palworld to the updated system.

If the monster collector finds it’s way to the next Nintendo system in the future we’ll be sure to let you know.

UPDATE: In another small update to this story, we’ve also learned that Nintendo and Pokémon Co. haven’t made contact with PocketPair concerning Palworld.

Many were wondering if Nintendo and Pokémon Co. would go after Palworld due to designs that certainly inspired by the Pokémon franchise. Nintendo and Pokémon Co. even put out statements saying they would protect their I.P. and go after those who infringe, but they made these comments without naming Palworld specifically. Up to this point, Pocketpair CEO Takuro Mizobe says neither company has said a thing to the Palworld studio.

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17d ago

No shit. I think most developers will not bother any longer when it leads to large amounts of time and money they'd need to get their games in any playable condition on ol' grandpa Switch. Everyone knows about the next console at this point and I'm sure most major developers and companies have seen it behind closed doors.
Pocketpair sure as hell isn't one of them but they know it would be a fool's errand to port it so late into the game.


17d ago

Woah, I thought this was a new pokèmon game and that it wasn't going to hit switch (hence why I clicked the article). This is definitely not inspired by it, it was clearly intentional to make it look like Pokémon. I don't think it will infringe any copyrights, but this will certainly gain them eyes. Either way I don't care for it not being on switch, looks like the typical Unreal engine game, not a fan of photorealistic environments with cartoon characters using realistic guns.