The Guardians in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild strike fear in players’ hearts from the first moment they scramble onto the scene. They’re a constant nuisance throughout the game, and have quickly become one of the franchise’s most recognizable enemies.

While we’re very happy these nightmares don’t exist in real life, cosplayer Allison Chase has done her best to recreate the enemy with human-size proportions in what she’s calling a cosplay model. The results are absolutely astounding, and look good enough to be a model created by Nintendo themselves.

The model is spot-on with the in-game Guardians, and looks incredibly realistic. While the paint work and moss help bring the piece to lift, the inclusion of the lights and sound effects take it to a completely different level. There have been plenty of amazing Zelda fan tributes over the years, but this honestly might be one of the most impressive yet.

If you want to see the unbelievable amount of work Allison put into creating this iconic piece, you can watch her entire journey on her Tiktok page.

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2y ago

Wooow it looks way better than expected, this is disney theme park level, very good job by this fans