Sometimes a bit of news pops up that confuses everyone. That’s exactly what convenience store chain Wawa has done with their latest tweet, which you can see below.

What in the world does Wawa know about Pokémon that we don’t? It appears we’ll find out sometime tomorrow. This has to be related to some sort of Wawa-exclusive merch deal, like Pokémon-themed cups or something, but that’s just a guess. I guess we’ll have to hang tight until Tuesday to see what’s up!

UPDATE: Now we know what this tweet was all about. It seems that Wawa locations are now selling Pokémon TCG packs! We’re not sure how extensive their collection is, so I guess a trip to Wawa is in order. If you have a chance to pop into a Wawa, let us know what kind of Pokémon TCG goodies you find!

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

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