Kao the Kangaroo might be a recognizable franchise for some, but it was a complete unknown for others. How do you go about bringing a brand back, keeping old fans happy, and introducing newcomers all at the same time? That’s something Tate Multimedia put a ton of thought into.

In an interview with Digital Trends, Tate Multimedia studio head Kaja Borówko spoke about the intense amount of work that went into finding a path to bring Kao the Kangaroo back. It wasn’t an easy task, and took an incredible amount of time and effort.

“It was a tough decision that took us almost a year and multiple prototypes. We started from this idea of a remaster of the third game in the series, but once we got into it, the game became bigger and bigger, and we wanted to do something else. In the end, we had a game jam here in the studio with our team, and we had four different ideas. We loved all of them, and we decided that we were just going to combine some of the ideas.”

[Tate Multimedia studio head Kaja Borówko]
Thanks to Graystripe2000 for the heads up!

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