The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is over 5 years old now. Surely you’ve scoured everything the game map hides and seen all there is out there, right? Well, I guess that depends on how deep you’ve dug into the experience!

Throughout Breath of the Wild, Link regains his memories of past events. There are 13 different memories to find all together, and the final memory can only be viewed once you’ve collected the 12 others. You’re guided to this final memory by Impa, who shows you a picture of its location.

Most players take a picture of this location with the Sheikah Slate in order to better remember it, but what happens if you don’t take that picture? Turns out Nintendo thought of that, and they’ve altered the memory’s cut-scene to reflect that.

In the video above, you can see how the two different versions of the cut-scene play out. One of them is for players who snapped a picture for reference, and the other is for those who just found the spot by accident, or through a photographic memory. The scenes aren’t hugely different, but different enough that it shows Nintendo kept these players in mind!

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2y ago

This is a pretty darn cool small touch. The spit and polish of a Nintendo experience.


2y ago

RMC your subtitles never cease to crack me up, they're always so on point.

If you take a photo the cutscene does indeed last longer!

Agreed, they're amazing!