Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak's Dual Blades and Light Bowgun showcased

Are you a distance fighter or up-close-and-personal?

25 May 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

The final two weapons for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak have been revealed with the Dual Blades and Light Bowgun trailers.

First up is the Light Bowgun, which has Wyvern Counter, which lets you fire as you retreat. This move shares the same input with Fanning Maneuver, and there’s also the alternative to Marksman, Critical Firepower, which gives you a stronger shot, but with less range.

The Dual Blades will give you Spiral Slash as a new Silkbind Attack, which involves your Hunter using Wirebugs to propel themselves towards the target. Dual Blades also offer the new Slide Slash Combo as an alternative to Spirit Roundslash Combo.

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