Sadly, we don’t live in a world with Pokémon, so there’s no need for Poké Balls. Hell, we don’t even have the technology for Poké Balls, but that’s a whole different story! While we can’t go outside and capture Pokémon like we’d like, at least we can pretend with a new series of replica Poké Balls.

Pokemon Center’s online shop is now selling replica Poké Balls and Great Balls. Featuring touch- and proximity-sensing technology, the front button illuminates in response to nearby motion and becomes brighter when the Poké Ball is touched. For an extra touch of interactivity, pressing the button initiates a Pokémon-catching light sequence.

This die-cast metal replica comes with an illuminated display case featuring the Pokémon logo, along with a display ring that lets you show off the Poké Ball on its own. Each of the three designs is priced at $100, and you can purchase yours here.

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