Haven’t heard of Fishing Paradiso? Over 1.5 million people have, and they’ve downloaded this cozy fishing RPG on their mobile devices. Soon enough, Switch owners can get in on the fun with an expanded and enhanced port, which is set to launch on June 2nd, 2022.

In Fishing Paradiso, explore wondrous locations and befriend a charming cast of characters on your quest to become a master angler and discover the true meaning of paradise. Set in a vibrant pixelated paradise, you play as a deceased amnesiac on a quest to discover his true identity alongside his cute but obnoxious bird companion. The more you fish, the more the story will progress, as you meet and forge lasting bonds with the other denizens of the afterlife.

For the Switch version, an all-new “Foodie Friends” system has been added which allows players to invite any of the game’s eclectic cast of characters out to grab a bite to eat at Bear’s Restaurant. Just make sure you have the necessary fish for each meal, then press the order button, and you can enjoy some all new bonding events between all of your favorite characters.Depending on who you pair up with who, you might even get to see sides of them you never got the chance to see from the player character’s perspective.

On top of that, fifteen new varieties of furniture have been added which the player can use to deck out their home base and make it sparkle like never before. These new furniture items can be acquired as rewards for completing events in the new Foodie Friends mode. Finally, five brand new songs have been included in the game’s fully-remastered soundtrack.

Fishing Paradiso is priced at $15 and takes up to 138 MB of space.


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