Takahashi Meijin is an industry icon. The man lent his skills to multiple titles at Hudson Soft, and is literally the inspiration for Adventure Island’s Master Higgins. That said, his most impressive accolade may be his insanely fast trigger finger. The man has earned the ‘16 shot per second’ moniker for his rapid-fire button pressing, and in a new video, we can see Meijin still has what it takes.

In the video above, Meijin spends some time with the Pokey Pummel mini-game in Mario Party Superstars. It takes Meijin just 5.16 seconds to blow through the game, which is extremely impressive for a 63-year-old man! Sure, it may not be a world record time, but it’s still unbelievably quick, and proves that Meijin hasn’t lost a step in decades!

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