Panda’s first-ever officially licensed Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Super Smash Bros. Melee championship circuit in North America is set for June 2022. This circuit will have a $100,000 prize pool, so for those with skills, there’s definitely some cash to be made!

The Panda Cup featuring Super Smash Bros. starts next month, and 32 finalists for each game will qualify for the Panda Cup 2022 Winter Finale in December. The Last Chance Qualifier and Panda Cup Winter Finale 2022 will be held in Los Angeles, California.

You can see the entire calendar of events tied to the 2022 Panda Cup below.


If you’d like to learn more about each stop on the Panda Cup, read rules for entry, or get a better idea of how things will be run, you can check out the official site here.

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

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