The Pokémon Company International today launched the Pokémon Trading Card Game’s latest expansion, Sword & Shield—Astral Radiance, at participating retailers worldwide. The expansion features Pokémon unique to Pokémon Legends: Arceus, including Hisuian Decidueye, Hisuian Typhlosion, Hisuian Samurott, and more.

Trainers can also experience Radiant Pokémon, the new strategic Pokémon TCG gameplay mechanic, with Sword & Shield—Astral Radiance. Radiant Pokémon are special, Shiny Pokémon with powerful Abilities or attacks that can impact the Pokémon TCG metagame.

There are multiple expansion options available to purchase, including some very fancy bundles. You can get a recap on all of these products on the official Astral Radiance page. You can also catch the UK commercial for the expansion’s launch below.

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