Mercenaries Blaze: Dawn of the Twin Dragons has been available on Switch for quite awhile now, but only digitally. That’s set to change, thanks to the latest release from Limited Run Games.

Limited Run Games has revealed that they’re opening pre-orders for a standard version of Mercenaries Blaze: Dawn of the Twin Dragons on May 31st, 2022. This package is priced at $35 and includes a game box and game card. You’ll be able to place your pre-order here tomorrow, and you can read more details about the game in general below.

Experience a lengthy and challenging story campaign, an enthralling tale full of emotive writing, plot twists and high stakes moments. Grow with your team by clearing strategic turn-based battles, with many optional missions and details to consider – which class will you upgrade for each character, and what equipment or skills will you prioritise?

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