Mario Kart Tour's 'Cat Tour' now live

The purrfect time to download!

01 June 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

The Peach Vs. Bowser Tour in Mario Kart Tour has officially wrapped up, and now it’s time for something new. This time around, Nintendo is providing something a bit cuter with the Cat Tour!

In the Mario Kart Tour ‘Cat Tour, you can enjoy the Cream Cat Cruiser and the Cream Toe-Bean Balloons glider, along with the Goo-Goo Buggy, and Baby Mario (Koala). The Baby Mario and Goo-Goo Buggy combo are absolutely perfect for Baby Park, which is also a part of this tour.

As with most tours in Mario Kart Tour, the Cat Tour will be around for roughly 2 weeks.

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