Autonauts, the base-building, management, and automation simulation game, is making its way over to consoles. Developed by Denki and published by Curve Games, Autonauts was originally released for PC back in 2019. The Nintendo Switch version of the game will be available digitally starting June 16th, 2022.

Autonauts is a game that oozes personality and innovation to offer players of all ages a chance to explore a unique and colourful universe of coding and crafting. Build a mighty Bot workforce to automate everything in your settlement; teach them what to do, and expand their brains and operational potential with numerous upgrades and options. Create rudimentary crafting items and structures from blueprints, and build dozens of different Workerbots to make your new planet a fully functioning home.

The Autonauts console version is a brand-new player experience, providing fans with an evolved tutorial and structure that enables them to hone their coding skills more quickly and effectively. Conveniently code mechanical helpers by showing them what to do step-by-step, be it cooking, farming, mining, construction and so much more; then sit back and watch your automation ‘ant farm’ carry out their duties.

Autonauts combines the best of coding, crafting, simulation, world-building, production-line, and resource management to create a truly awesome experience unlike any other.


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2y ago

I added it to my Steam whilist back in 2019, but now on Switch it seems much more at home. Getting it for sure!