WayForward and Arc System Works are toiling away on River City Girls 2, the sequel to one of the best beat’em-ups released in the last decade. Fans are eager to get their hands on this follow-up, which is coming late Summer 2022, as they want to see what new secrets and goodies await.

Of course, fans of the River City franchise want to see what cameos await in River City Girls 2. Can we expect to see some more Double Dragon favorites, or other recognizable characters from other connected franchises? WayForward wasn’t willing to share specifics, but it seems like there will indeed be some surprises along the way.

River City Girls 2 director Bannon Rudis, producer Colleen Fannin, and River City Girls/River City Girls Zero project lead Adam Tierney all hinted at cameos in a Co-Optimus interview, and you can see their statements below.

Bannon Rudis: I never like spoiling too much about cameos because I love seeing people’s reactions when they stumble across new or familiar characters. There will be plenty of returning characters and familiar ones making their River City Girls debut.

Adam Tierney: I will tease — there are some major additions in RCG2 that we specifically held back from the first RCG game because we wanted to give them their own moment to shine. Realizing some of these characters after thinking about them for four or five years has been great, and we can’t wait to see player reactions.

Colleen Fannin: All I’ll say is, I cannot wait to see the next “All Hidden References in RCG2” lore video on YouTube!

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Looking forward to this one.