Monolith Soft will be sharing some character details for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 over the next few days, and today brings us some info on Mio. You can check out a clip of Mio in action above.

Mio is Agnus’ off-seer, and she has a serious but gentle personality. It appears that she’s one year older than the other members of Noah’s group, which is why everyone seems to rely on her a lot. Mio is quite fond of keeping a diary, so she’ll be a great one to chronicle your adventures.

Along with details on Mio herself, we learn that Mio is part of the Zephyr (Defender) class. This allows Mio to toy with enemies through swift movements, dodging, and counter-attacks with her twin rings weapon. As a Defender, Mio can make it so her allies are not targeted by enemies and don’t get incapacitated.


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2y ago

The abimation for clothes, hair and details have improved a lot, but the faces still look a litle stiff