The original Flipnote Studio launched all the way back on the DSi, allowing users to create rudimentary animations that could be shared via the Flipnote Hatena service. Millions of DSi users created absolutely unbelievable animations through Flipnote Studio, but with Flipnote Hatena ending service in 2013 and the Flipnote Gallery World service in Flipnote Studio 3D shutting down in 2018, fans were left with no easy way to view these amazing creations. That’s where the fan community stepped in!

Thanks to the Flipnote fan community, we now have Flipnote Archive, which is a new place to view the entirety of the Flipnote Hatena servers. That means you can now again enjoy 44 million Flipnotes from 1.2 million creators.

Putting together this fan project was a labor of love, but the end result is now live, and you can sift through tons of Flipnote creations to either find your favorites or discover ones you’ve never seen before. If you’re interested in checking the service out, you can find it here.

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