Three more Switch games are going to get updates in the near future. While we don’t have release dates, you can check out the patch notes for updates heading to RiffTrax: The Game, Fishing Paradiso, and Metly Blood: Type Lumina below.

RiffTrax: The Game

Pick A Riff

  • Riff Refresh Every Round – You can now enable auto-refresh riffs each round for all players. This option is found on the the game setup screen.
  • Moderation – Moderation is now enabled in Pick a Riff mode.

Riff Bot

  • Options – Moved all Riff Bot options to it’s own sub-menu.
  • Riff Bot IQ – Player can now adjust Riff Bot’s IQ for each game mode. Each setting (Hi, Med, Low) adjusts the frequency of random responses by Riff Bot.


  • Disabled “Hurry up!” audio prompts in games where Twitch Chat voting is enabled.


  • TTS – Fixed a bug where non-English TTS would not play for remote players
  • Winner Audio – “And the winner is…” audio is now synced across all remote players.

Fishing Paradiso

  • fixes a bug causing a restaurant menu to remain locked
  • Workaround: you might be able to fix it by fishing 15 “Clownfish”

Melty Blood: Type Lumina

  • fixed a bug causing profiles not to be displayed correctly in the ranking in the network mode
[P-N, P-N, P-N]

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