THE Bass Fishing announced for Switch

Calm... Calm... Fish on!

02 June 2022
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When you think of Switch exclusives, what game comes to mind? Maybe something with plumbers, monsters that fit in your pocket, magic elves?

But how about Bass? as in THE Bass Fishing, D3PUBLISHERS’ newest game exclusively for the Nintendo Switch!

That’s right, Earth Defence Force’s developer is bringing the fishing action right to the comfort of your own home by releasing THE Bass Fishing as a digital only title for the Nintendo eShop.

Official breakdown and screenshots below.

“THE Bass Fishing” is a game which focuses on the black bass, the most popular fish in sport fishing. You can enjoy the exciting underwater battles and heated fights with the black bass in dynamic and realistic graphics! The “Joy-Con” controls and HD vibrations bring the thrill of lure fishing and rod and reel fishing to life! Enjoy the sport fishing experience where you can compete with the big, monstrous fish using only your own techniques!

You can enjoy online fishing competitions with up to 8 players in local matches and up to 12 players in online matches! Experience the most hottest matches anytime, anywhere, with anyone!

Check out some screenshots from the game!

At the moment the game has only been announced for Japan and US territories, so Europe will have to wait to get their hands on those precious sea basses.

The game is set for release on June 16th, 2022 with the pre-orders starting TODAY! Now go to the eShop and hope it hasn’t crashed because of this!

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