Beach Boys: The Perfect Date, a dating/Q&A game, quietly made its way to the Switch eShop last week. It seems some people noticed the game’s arrival, though, and not for good reason.

Eagle-eyed Switch owners noticed that Beach Boys: The Perfect Date seemed to pilfer assets from a couple of sources. First off, it seems some character art is directly ripped from the mobile game Granblue Fantasy. There are slight changes, but it’s extremely obvious that the Beach Boy characters were lifted directly from Granblue Fantasy.

Along with that, Beach Boys also seems to have lifted and flipped Genshin Impact fan-art with no attribution to the original artist. We’re not quite sure how the game’s developer, Cooking & Publishing, thought they could get away with this, but here we are.

If you’d like to see some comparison of assets for Beach Boys: The Perfect Date to those of Granblue Fantasy and fan-art creator Shivaille_ last, you can check out the gallery below. The first two images are from Granblue Fantasy, the third is Genshin Impact fan-art, and the final four are from Beach Boys. If there was any shred of doubt about these claims, the gallery should clear things up for you quite easily.

We’ve reached out to Cooking & Publishing for comment on this matter, and we’ll update you if they have anything to share. That said, it’s very likely Nintendo will remove this game from the Switch eShop in a matter of days.

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