The official Monster Hunter Twitter account has shared an absolutely adorable piece of art that takes a look at the Lunagaron, and also gives a bit of insight into how Lunagaron raise their young.

In particular, the art showcases how Lunagaron play as youngsters, and how the parents carry them around. As you might expect, things work out much like cat/dogs handle their young. We also get to see the Lunagaron parent teaching the youngsters some of the the monster’s skills.

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2y ago

"See how cute they are? How their mother and father raise them with love and care?

Now go beat them senseless, cut off their tails while they're still conscious, and then strike the final blow as they attempt to limp away with their life so you can skin them for a new hat!!" :)

I love monster hunter, but it's a really weird dichotomy they have now where the object is to kill monsters, but they also sometimes cast them in the spotlight like they're pokemon or something.