October 8th, 2021 was a good day for Nintendo fans. Nintendo launched the Switch OLED Model, which features a screen vastly superior to the original Switch and Switch Lite. That same day, Enhance brought Tetris Effect: Connected to Switch. In an interview with developer Tetusya Mizuguchi, we learn that pairing did not come about by accident.

Videogames Chronicle spoke to Tetusya Mizuguchi about working on Tetris Effect, and then Tetris Effect: Connected, and a comment was made about how perfect that game was for the Switch OLED screen. The game really sings on that screen, thanks to its bright, neon colors and stark black background. Mizuguchi opened up on the launch timing, and confirmed it was a very deliberate choice.

…Thank you so much, that was definitely not an accident that we released on that date, we were hoping that would be what people thought. So thank you very much.

[Tetusya Mizuguchi]

I remember playing Tetris Effect: Connected on my Switch OLED just to see how much better it looked, and I was floored by the difference. Looks like Mizuguchi knew what he was talking about!

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