When you want to know all the technical details of a game, there’s no finer group to turn towards than Digital Foundry. In the team’s latest feature, they take a look at Mario Strikers: Battle League to see what’s going on under the game’s hood.

If you are interested in tech specs like framerate, resolution, and more, the round-up of info below should be right up your alley.

  • 1080p when docked
  • No anti-aliasing like other Nintendo games
  • Mario Strikers: Battle League resolution is 720p in portable mode
  • Characters are displayed with maximum detail with self-shadowing in cutscenes
  • Post-processing effects such as depth of field behind them
  • Shell texture layer used on the pitch to give the illusion of actual blades of grass
  • Crowds are fully 3D, but are updated at half rate
  • Old school render to texture feature used on the jumbotrons
  • Projected shadows are visible across the scene, including characters
  • Self-shadowing that you see in cutscenes is disabled during gameplay
  • Smooth animation work
  • Full 5.1 surround sound audio supported
  • Targets 60 frames per second in-game
  • Certain moves cause the frame rate to dip, but it’s largely stable
  • Cutscenes run at 30 FPS with inconsistent frame pacing

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