Galloping into battle comes SMITE’s next champion, Lancelot! Set to release June 2022, we should expect to see Lancelot in battle quite soon.

Lancelot is Hand of King Arthur himself, who has led the Arthurian pantheon in SMITE since 2019. Lancelot is a preeminent knight of the Round Table, renowned for his countless heroic deeds and dedication to the code of chivalry. In-game, Lancelot will ride into battle atop his trusty steed as a mobile Assassin, with shield and lance in hand. All Gods are invited to his Grand Joust – but only this white knight in shining armor will be victorious.

For those wanting to see more, tune into the Round Table Update Show at 3 pm ET tomorrow to learn more about Lancelot as he rides his way into SMITE this month. SMITE is available for free on Switch right now.

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