Nostalgic Train screenshot contest announced

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09 June 2022
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Publisher Amata K.K., in collaboration with indie game creator Tatamibeya, are celebrating the one-year anniversary of launching Nostalgic Train on Switch by launching a special screenshot contest.

In order to be a part of this contest, the team is looking for you to take the most beautiful in-game screenshots you can to share on social media. When you share those screens, make sure to include the “#NOSTALGICTRAIN” and “#ScreenshotContest” hashtags. Your screens can be shared from until until July 10th, 2022, and submissions are allowed via Twitter and Instagram.

Once the submission period ends, judging will run until July 22nd, 2022, and the the winners will be revealed sometime before July ends.

Of course, you’re probably wondering what kind of prizes you can win in this contest. You can find a full rundown of all the potential winnings below.

Best Award: The best entry across all platforms

  • Prize: A reproduction of the winning work (A4 size) and PayPal 3000JPY equivalent

Nintendo Switch Award: One of the best the Switch version

  • Prize: PayPal 3000JPY equivalent

As for who’s judging your submissions, the list of professionals is as follows:

  • Tatamibeya, Developer of NOSTALGIC TRAIN / Narrative & Environmental Artist
  • Yuichi Yokota, Professional Photographer / In-Game Photographer
  • Hiromichi Takahashi, President, Amata K.K.

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