Game Builder Garage may be one of Nintendo’s lesser-known titles on the Switch, but the game is still a million+ seller. That said, Nintendo thinks there’s still plenty of room left to find some new customers, which is why they continue to promote the title. The Big N just released a new, lengthy trailer promoting the game, and you can check it out above.

Discover how to make games using fun lessons anyone can follow…with help from Nodon and your Switch system! Who are Nodon? Funny characters living inside Game Builder Garage! Each has its own personality and function to help you create your own games. Connect different Nodon together and watch what they can do – whether it’s making a character jump when you press a button, setting the background music or even adjusting the gravity, there’s a Nodon to help.

Learn what it takes to make a game character run and jump, then graduate to bigger moves like creating an opponent to race against, or even making a puzzle to be solved! Chase your creative dream and bring your own game ideas to life with Game Builder Garage!

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