Developer Epopeia Games has announced that they’re bringing Gaucho and the Grassland to the Switch. You can get a taste of what the game’s like in the new trailer above.

Return to the land of your childhood, rebuilding your family’s ranch with your friends Cusco and Alazão, experiencing adventures in this fantastic universe of gaucho culture. Living on the grassland can be lonely, but you will always have your companions to watch your back. Cusco (the dog) and Pingo (the horse) will be your sidekicks on every adventure, helping you discover the lands of Gaucho.

The world of Gaucho is full of fantastic places and creatures. You also will need to seek and capture wild animals for resources. You’ll be amazed by the local tales of magical guardians and cursed places, as well as chilled by dangerous mythical creatures and dark caves hiding old mysteries and legendary treasures.

Build your homestead on the grassland as you desire. As a true Gaucho, you can shape your home and your life, acquiring new lands in different biomes and building from the ground up, and in due time, you’ll realize that living on the grasslands can be rewarding and wonderful.

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