Temtem has announced for Switch some time ago, but just last week we found out the title will launch on Sept. 6th, 2022. Bringing the game to Switch has been quite a challenging road for developer Crema, and it took a lot of brainpower and muscle to get things working.

In an interview with Nintendo Life, Game Director Guillermo Andrades goes into detail on the many hurdles that had to be surmounted in order to get Temtem running on Switch. There are a lot of bottlenecks and drawbacks to deal with, but obviously, the team was successful in their efforts.

“There were a lot of sacrifices and there were a lot of difficulties in bringing Temtem to Switch. The Switch port has always been in our heads, ever since we started Temtem, so luckily we were prepared and didn’t face an impossible scenario, but Temtem has been growing a lot over the years and it has become a massive game with a lot of content and different features.

Originally our plan was to render at 30fps outside of battles and at 60fps inside battles. This made sense at that time because battles are a much more controlled scenario (only four Tems and two characters, small scenarios, etc). However, over the development, we’ve been doing better, bigger, and more complex technique animations. Very soon during the optimization process, we noticed that we would need to either tweak all the animations or cap battles at 30fps (which we ended up doing). The battles still feel great at 30fps so it is not a huge sacrifice but it is one of the many things we had to ‘cut’.

I think one of the biggest [difficulties with the Switch] has been handling the low amount of available memory compared to other platforms. We’ve spent a lot of time optimising that and making sure that almost everything in the game gets dynamically loaded so the memory management is always in check.”

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2y ago

They're the first devs to actually come out and say how it is: The Switch's memory is shit.
It doesn't matter where you look: The console itself, its hard drive or the game cards. Everything's much too small and that's why many Switch ports are much worse than what you might expect: Cause the devs have to cut corners basically everywhere.
You can increase internal memory for the Switch 2 but the game cards will always cost an arm and a leg.

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