Publisher Fellow Traveller and developer Jump Over The Age showcased a new trailer for Citizen Sleeper today, and it goes over some of the many accolades the game has received since launching a few weeks back. That same trailer also reveals that a bunch of free DLC is in the works.


In particular, three new episodes will drop throughout 2022 and into 2023, and we got full details on the first episode, titled FLUX.

‘FLUX, launching in July (date TBC) will kick-off a new story that expands across the three updates. As pressures in the Helion system bring the first ships of a refugee flotilla to Erlin’s Eye, you must help those on board to arrive safely on the station before the quarantine locks them out.

The first episode also introduces Eshe, a stubborn and driven spacer whose fate becomes entangled with the refugee ships. Her story will challenge players to rely on more than just the roll of dice to deal with a growing crisis that threatens the entire station.

We’ll bring you exact release dates for the Citizen Sleeper DLC when they become available.

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