Just a few days back, IGN had an interview with Sonic Team’s Takashi Iizuka. In that interview, Iizuka talked about interest in going back to the Sonic Adventure franchise for a third installment. Here’s his exact quote from the IGN interview.

I’ve mentioned this in previous interviews, but I would like to continue the Sonic Adventure series. Sonic Adventure also contains smaller open spaces known as Adventure Fields. I think we’ve used what we learned with those in this game as well. I haven’t thought about my next game yet. But I personally think it’d be nice if we could use what we learn with this game in Sonic Adventure.

That news made it around the internet pretty quickly, as fans were excited to hear something slightly concrete about the Sonic Adventure franchise’s future. Sadly, now SEGA is squashing any hopes fans had.

VGC had a chance to talk to Iizuka to follow-up on his Sonic Adventure comments, and what he had to say this time is pretty much the polar opposite of his comments made to IGN. You can see Iizuka’s new statement below.

“IGN asked very directly about making Sonic Adventure 3, so I was just answering the question. I’m not saying, ‘we’re definitely making Sonic Adventure 3’, although people may want to believe that. I just want to reiterate that the entire team is focused on Sonic Frontiers and they really want to make it the best game that it can be.

In the future, yes, Sonic Adventure 3 is there as an idea that at some point it would be cool to maybe explore, but that’s not part of the plan and that’s not what I’m doing. It’s all about Frontiers [right now] and we have no plans for Sonic Adventure 3 at this point. I just want to be clear with everyone! But yeah, as somebody who made Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, it is on my mind as some idea that I could potentially think about in the future.

I want to be very direct and very clear: we have no plans to make Sonic Adventure 3.”

Well, I don’t think you could be anymore straightforward than that. Iizuka has interest in potentially addressing the subject in the far-off future, but there are absolutely zero plans to do so at this point. Sonic Adventure fans will just have to be happy with the two previous installments for now.

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