As was previously mentioned, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords will be getting some post-launch content in the way of the Sith Lords DLC. This DLC includes a bonus mission with HJ-47, a revamped ending, and new dialogue/interactions.

Publisher Aspyr took to Twitter to share some new details on the DLC, first confirming that it’ll see release sometime in Q3 2022. The team also provided insight into how the DLC will work, as there’s some caveats players should know about.

  • base game save files will not be compatible with The Sith Lords Restored Content DLC
  • you can access any previous save files by disabling the DLC content in the in-game main menu
  • you will need to start a new game with the DLC content enabled to access the additional content
  • after the DLC releases and you still wish to finish your non-DLC playthrough, you can access those base game save files by disabling the DLC in the in-game main menu

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