Compile Heart has released a new batch of music samples for Fairy Fencer F: Refrain Chord. You can check out the previous samples here and here.

The first sample is called Kizashi no Tane (Seed of Omen):

The second sample is called “Aku Ate” (Dark Consequences):

Third sample is called Eien no Monogatari (Neverending Story):

Fourth sample is called Senya Noroi (Thousand Nights Course):

In the game, if you step inside a battlefield, the songs you hear above could be combined together to create a “Dramatic Resonance” area where the buffs and debuffs made by the friendly diva and enemy diva are doubled. You can listen to some of the samples for when that happens below, if you want to listen them before the mash-up click here.

This one is called Inori no Neiro (Tones of Prayer):

This one is called Goku Yoru Hyousetsu (Snow of the Polar Night):

Fairy Fencer F: Refrain Chord is being developed by Sting and published by Compile Heart. It will be a tactics RPG, differentiating itself from its traditional RPG predecessor. Set to be released in Japan on September 15th, an English localization has yet to be announced.

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