CharacterBank inc., has announced that MYSPERYENCE Story 1: The Curious Case of the Headless Magnate is coming to the Switch eShop on June 23rd, 2022. Players will need to investigate their surroundings, find clues and relive the events that transpired before an unfortunate event. The Switch version of MYSPERYENCE will support online cross-platform play with its VR counterpart.

MYSPERYENCE is a five-player online multiplayer experience. The word, MYSPERYENCE, is a portmanteau that combines the words MYSTERY and EXPERIENCE. Players dive into a crime scene to “relive” the experiences of one of the five suspects and gather crucial information, like what the suspects were doing at the crime scene and what conversations they were having.

If the players can uncover the murderer by working together, then they will solve the case. Conversely, the player who takes the role of the murderer can win if they can deceive others and evade justice.

MYSPERYENCE Story 1: The Curious Case of the Headless Magnate will be priced at $15 and includes English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese language support. You can see a breakdown of basic gameplay flow below.

▼The Preparation Phase

This is where players are matched and the characters are decided upon. In addition, the rules and the controls are explained during this phase. Voice chat is possible between players, so please check your setup before joining the game.

▼Dive Phase

This phase consists of reliving the suspects’ actions before the murder occurred. Players will need to collect valuable evidence and observe the characters’ conversations, and actions before the Magnate was murdered.

▼Discussion Phase

In this phase, players will need to discuss their findings with their peers to uncover the true events that transpired that fateful night. Players who chose the murder will need to deceive the others to evade justice.

Players can discuss for up to 15 minutes, and if a conclusion is not reached, they can relive the experiences once again (up to 3 times including the first Dive Phase).


Finally, voting is held on who everyone thinks the culprit is. Will they be brought to justice…?

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