A Lightyear collaboration DLC with Minecraft has been recently released on other platforms and is coming to Switch soon.

Here is what Mojang had to say about the DLC:

In the Lightyear DLC, you get to play through Buzz’s origin story and help him navigate an alien planet after an unfortunate crash landing. You can play through five missions as this Academy-trained hero, including a hostile jungle, a swamp, and a mine, as well as various alien settlements. Throughout each mission, you have to navigate the terrain while fighting enemies and several bosses using various gadgets. Between missions, you get to fly different aircraft and must avoid obstacles to safely get to your next objective. Even though “safely” is a very relative term on an inhospitable alien planet.


The Lightyear DLC costs 1340 Minecoins, so it stands to reason that it will be available on Switch for that price as well.

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