Super Mario Odyssey offered a local multiplayer experience where one person played as Mario and the other controlled Cappy. It’s not exactly the most fleshed-out multiplayer experience, but it was a nice feature that conjured up memories of Super Mario Galaxy’s buddy gameplay.

Some fans wanted more from Super Mario Odyssey when it came to multiplayer, and not surprisingly, a group of those fans decided to come together to make things happen. The CraftyBoss modding team has spent a lot of time and effort on their Super Mario Odyssey magnum opus, and it’s finally here.

CraftyBoss has come up with a 10-player online multiplayer mod for Super Mario Odyssey. This lets you run through the game’s various kingdoms with up to 10 people, and you can still capture nearly every enemy. You can even wear different costumes to differentiate between players, but work as one to collect Moons. Finally, there’s support for custom game modes as well, so you and your friends can come up with your own fun ways to play!

Nintendo obviously doesn’t support mods, but it doesn’t seem too likely that they’ll go after this release with a takedown. That said, if you’re interested in giving this mod a try, get in on it while you still can!

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