The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s speedrunning scene has been going strong literally since the game launched, and five years later, new records are being set. I’m not sure how the speedrunning scene can continue to make improvements, but I guess that’s what happens when you never rest!

In particular, a new record has been set in the Any% category, which means the only goal is to get the game’s end credits running as quickly as possible. Koroks is the new world-record holder, achieving a total of just 24:10. That’s a full 5 seconds faster than the previous record!

You can see the entire playthrough below, which is using the French version of the game. Apparently playing in French speeds up the time overall due to how text is formatted, and as we know, saving even a millisecond can lead to big gains overall. Now we’re all waiting on the sub-24 minute run!

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2y ago

I have not completed all Korok seeds but it’s on my to-do list before BOTW2 comes out.