There are plenty of games out there right now that aim to recreate the look of titles from classic platforms. While most of these projects try and replicate visuals from the SNES or Playstation, there aren’t too many that set their sights on the Nintendo 64. Thankfully, one game is in the works that very much shows some love to Nintendo’s 64-bit era.

Developer ‘Legend 64’ is currently working on a project with the same name, and it’s very much inspired by games from the Nintendo 64 era. The promo video for that game, seen above, will no doubt conjure up memories from various N64 games, but by and large, the focus seems to be on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask.

The nod to N64 games certainly doesn’t stop at visuals, as it seems Legend 64 will also offer up a gameplay experience similar to those Zelda classics as well. There’s little doubt this game, when finished, will hit players hard with a rush of nostalgia.

It’s pretty exciting to see a developer who finds the N64’s limits charming, so much so that they’re looking to adapt them through modern development methods. As for where Legend 64 winds up, it seems the only platform confirmed is PC. Still, that could change at some point, and it would definitely be wonderful to see Legend 64 land on Switch.

If you want to support Legend 64 and the developer’s efforts on this game, you can join their Patreon here.

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