Team17 has released three premium Golf With Your Friends DLC packs, and all are available to purchase on Switch right now. One pack includes a new course, while the other two are cosmetic packs.

The ‘Bouncy Castle Course Pack’ contains a new course, offering up 18 bouncy castle themed holes, with inflatable obstacles, spinning platforms, and countless challenges for golfers to test their putting prowess, plus a new floatie, trail, and stickers. As an added bonus, only the person hosting the lobby needs to own the Bouncy Castle Course Pack for all players in the lobby to be able to play the course. This Course Pack is priced at $3.

The ‘Summer Party’ and ‘Racing’ Cosmetic Packs are also available, and contain a selection of hats, floaties, stickers, and trails for players to swing in style with. Each of these packs are priced at $2.


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