Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes has been reviewed numerous times in the last few days, but many fans want to know just how well the game performs on Switch. These Warriors-style games demand a lot from the Switch, as they flood the screen with insane action and hundreds of enemies.

Nintendo and Koei Tecmo have teamed numerous times for Warriors games, and each one pushes the Switch that much harder. Have the devs figured out a way to squeeze even more performance from the Switch with Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes? There’s no better team than Digital Foundry to give you the technical breakdown.

Make sure to watch the entire video for a very detailed look at the game, but you can find the finer points of the team’s coverage below.

  • Resolution tops out at 1080p when docked
  • All UI elements displayed at 1080p
  • Around 648p in portable mode most of the time
  • Insufficient text filtering, which causes noticeable blur
  • Frame rate is typically about 30 FPS
  • In contrast, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity was more in the 20 to 30 FPS range
  • Frame rate starts to dip during special attacks, but still averages much higher than a similar attack in Age of Calamity
  • This applies to both handheld mode and docked mode
  • Did not implement a 30 FPS cap
  • Frame rate usually averages between 33 and 36 FPS
  • Can go higher in select instances
  • Improper frame persistence
  • Visuals trimmed back a bit during splitscreen multiplayer
  • Ex: shadows disabled for characters
  • Fast loading times

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