Sonic Origins is available as of today, and as usual, Sonic superfans have dug deep into the game’s source code to see what secrets may be hidden within. Surprisingly, a few tidbits about the upcoming Sonic Frontiers may have been discovered. This actually makes sense, as both Sonic Origins and Sonic Frontiers use elements of the same game engine.

What was found hiding within Sonic Origins? Here are some elements pertaining to Sonic Frontiers that may or may not make the final cut of the game.

  • cyberspace level
  • new NPC called Kodama
  • statuses for Tails and Amy
  • a fishing mini-game with Big the Cat

Again, just because this content is mentioned in relation to Sonic Frontiers doesn’t mean it’ll actually pop up in the final game. We’ll just have to hang tight and see what SEGA has to offer…or wait for more leaked details from dataminers!

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