If you’re a Kirby fan who lives in the UK, today’s news is going to make you very happy. The My Nintendo UK Store has just added a ton of different Kirby goodies, ranging from pre-order bonuses to figures and more. Check out the list below to see what’s up for grabs.

  • all pre-orders of Kirby and the Forgotten Land (physically or digitally) come with a free magnet sheet and mouse pad
  • all pre-orders also enter you into a competition to win a First 4 Figures Kirby Warp Star Exclusive Edition figurine
  • pre-orders available for the First 4 Figures Kirby and the Goal Door Standard and Exclusive Edition figurines
  • Kirby amiibo restock for the following: Kirby amiibo (Kirby Collection), Waddle Dee amiibo (Kirby Collection), King Dedede amiibo (Kirby Collection), Meta Knight amiibo (Kirby Collection)
  • Kirby playing cards are now available as well

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