In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you played as Byleth, who takes on the hero role. In Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, Byleth is now a villain. Why did the developers decide to shift Byleth from good to bad? The dev team explained in an interview with IGN.

Fire Emblem: Three Hopes director Hayato Iwata and Producer Yosuke Hayashi both stated that the flip for Byleth was necessary in order to present an interesting story and motivations. You can see both of the devs comment below.

“We had the scenario writer of Three Houses also handle the writing for this title. So, when talking to this writer, I did discuss the following point: ‘Although Byleth is representing the player, they are simultaneously also one of the appealing characters. So making Byleth an antagonist is a necessary development in order to further bring out the character’s charm’.”

[Director Hayato Iwata]

“We’d felt that the main theme of Three Houses was ‘the conflicts that arise from the clashing beliefs of the characters’ but among the characters, the only one that had no such conflict was Byleth. This is quite natural as Byleth is the main character and is a character for which the selected route is always depicted as the correct way.

In Three Hopes, we decided to portray Byleth as the antagonist as we wanted to further explore this theme. In doing so, we thought we could have players experience ‘the conflicts that arise from the clashing beliefs of the characters’ in both Three Houses and Three Hopes.”

[Producer Yosuke Hayashi]

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