Pretty much every area of TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge is perfect, and that’s doubly true for the soundtrack. The game’s music absolutely nails the vibe of previous TMNT games while still offering plenty in the way of new content. This magical OST was put together by Tee Lopes, and in a new blog, we get to see the process of putting together one of the game’s tracks.

Lopes decided to share a behind-the-scenes look at ‘Big Apple 3PM,’ the song from the second level in the game. First up, we get to hear the very first draft of the song that Lopes put together.


This first draft definitely sounds quite similar to the final version of the song, but there were plenty of tweaks and changes from this draft to what we hear in the game. Lopes shared a bit about his goals for the soundtrack, along with this song itself, which you can read below.

This first draft was a basic proposition for the soundtrack’s general aesthetic, which I thought was very in line with the game’s philosophy – the goal was to dive into the golden era of TMNT, gather up some of the most memorable elements from all of the different media available then, and bring them back in a creative and modernized package. It would contain lots of fun references for that sweet nostalgia, but also be its own thing and introduce fun new concepts to the series, all within that ’80s and ‘90s palette of genres and sounds. Fortunately, everyone was on board with the style, and thus began this musical journey!

Lopes actually went through a second draft of Big Apple 3AM and then a third version with some added guitar before he got to the final cut. You can hear those versions and read more about the song’s progress in the full blog.

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